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Приезжайте к нам, чтобы отдохнуть от шумного города, прокатиться
на лошади или дилижансе, показать детям интересные и редкие породы
деревьев, познакомить их с животным миром.

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Leisure activities

Would you like to warm up and engage your children? The opportunity to play “laser war” within Guerilla Camp will be highly appreciated by adults and teenagers. Children will enjoy playing within playgrounds with attractions and carousels. Equestrian Sport Club offers to beginners as well as to experienced riders to take a ride with horse or on vintage transport (such as stagecoach).


You can pick the place for your picnic in one of the special equipped arbour or just take a seat in the park area. Moreover it is not obligatory to bring along provisions: the restaurant “The Devana’s Castle” offers you takeaway dishes and also you can get delicious shashlik in the cafe “Allur”.


If you want to get acquainted with or show your children something new then just book the excursion around the exposition “Grodno Fortress – Guerilla Camp”. You will be able to see with your own eyes the way that people lived and fought during World Wars I and II. The exursion around the arboretum lets you get acquainted with Flora of Belarus. And the trip to reserved area will give you information about the behaviour of animals in the wild