Estate “Korobchitsy” is an eventful rest 5 km away from Grodno City

Agrotouristic facility “Grodno City Estate “Korobchitsy”” is a whole city of entertainment just 5 km. away from Grodno City. If you have nothing to do on weekend or some time in the evening during a work day then you are welcome to have dinner in the nobility-like restaurant “The Devana’s Castle”, to ride horseback and on vintage stagecoach, play laser paintball or just listen to live music.  

The idea of creating of Grodno City Estate “Korobchitsy”

The complex was created by the hard work of Grodno meat-packing plant employees under the guidance of the creative, energetic General Director Anatoly Georgievich Grishuk and it is very popular not only among Grodno residents, but also guests from different cities of our country and abroad.






A wide choice of entertainment for children and adults


Within 54 ha of The Estate there is a big park area, arboretum, equestrian sports complex, a big amount of animal yards and corrals, restaurant and cafes, and also attractions and special children area. Here you can ride on a real stagecoach or road cart, take part in pheasant hunting, play laser tag or get acquainted with a real Guerilla Camp.       





A nook of unspoilt Nature


In the very “core” of The Estate there is an old reserved forest where sika and red deer, roe deer and yaks are walking around. Everyone can take a look at the way these incredible animals behave in the wild. There are plenty of “photo shooting locations” and benches within the park so you can always have a rest and take some pictures. 



Convenient location of The Estate



The Estate is locateted 5 km away from Grodno City, therefore you can easiely drive up to this place, walk around the park or have dinner in the restaurant and save your money and time. The suburban transport can take you to the destination in 30 minutes. 




The atmosphere of a Vintage Estate of Noblemen 




The Estate was built based on styles of Vintage Estate of Noblemen. Projectors and designers tried to revive the atmosphere of luxury, coziness and royalty The Belarussian Noble Homes were known for. 





Interesting events are held all year round 


The Estate “Korobchitsy” is known by the fact that they constantly arrange joyfull holidays dedicated to different themes and causes.  Here you can come to concert or a Christmas Market, Day of The Horse or The City Picnic.  


How to entertain adults and children



If you want to get acquainted with or show your children something new then just book the excursion around the exposition “Grodno Fortress – Guerilla Camp”. You will be able to see with your own eyes the way that people lived and fought during World Wars I and II. The exursion around the arboretum lets you get acquainted with Flora of Belarus. And the trip to reserved area will give you information about the behaviour of animals in the wild.


You can pick the place for your picnic in one of the special equipped arbour or just take a seat in the park area. Moreover it is not obligatory to bring along provisions: the restaurant “The Devana’s Castle” offers you takeaway dishes and also you can get delicious shashlik in the cafe “Allur”.  

Leisure activities.

Would you like to warm up and engage your children? The opportunity to play “laser war” within Guerilla Camp will be highly appreciated by adults and teenagers. Children will enjoy playing within playgrounds with attractions and carousels. Equestrian Sport Club offers to beginners as well as to experienced riders to take a ride with horse or on vintage transport (such as stagecoach).