Workshop for a woodcarver

Wood carver workshop

On the edge of the reserved forest there is a small house with carved patterned columns… It sounds like a fairy tale, and it’s not by chance at all. In the house, there is a man who can turn simple logs and boards into really fantastic things. The cutter Valentin Bogdevich is glad to see everyone who comes to the Korobchitsy estate in his workshop.

Who will spend a nice time in the carver’s house?

The fans of traditional Belarusian crafts.


And it does not matter whether you live in our country or have come from abroad. Only a few lucky people know the secrets of carving in the high-tech century.


Valentin Bogdevich is one of them. He will gladly tell the guests about the tools he uses, technologies of wood processing and some other nuances of his craftsmanship.


Lovers of souvenirs and gifts from natural materials.


A tree absorbs the power of the earth and sun’s heat. A powerful trunk with branches grows from a small seed.


Such material and things made of it have a powerful energy strengthening the wishes for happiness due to it, they bring good luck to the house. Visiting the cutter workshop, you can choose a wooden souvenir for yourself or dear people.


Connoisseurs of art.


The cutter of the Korobchitsy estate is a folk master and a professional artist. Valentin Bogdevich has graduated from the Art and Graphic Department of the Vitebsk Pedagogical Institute.



The master knows not only the woodcarving technology, but also the unique technique of marquetry. It is inlaying with veneer. This technique allows creating paintings and panels, inlaying furniture. To learn more about marquetry, come to master classes often provided by the cutter.


But if you did not find yourself in this list, you still can take the opportunity to look into the workshop.


Take some pictures and take a sit in a arbour located nearby.


And then drop into a cafe or restaurant to lunch, visit an equestrian club, take a ride on a horse or a diligence.



Any questions?


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