Central Hall

Central Hall

“The Devana’s Castle” restaurant has a significant advantage – it is located outside the city and surrounded with a beautiful forest park area. Therefore, our guests are not in a hurry to go home after dinner, they make leisurely walks along shady lanes and paths of the park. They are equally pleasant and convenient to walk at any time of the year since the territory of the Korobchitsy estate is under vigilant supervision.

Five reasons to choose Central Hall

Luxury interiors in wood and stone


The hall reminds of the times when it was customary to hold balls and invite an impressive number of guests. Here, everything is decorated with carved wood and natural stone.


Capacity – up to 100 people


The Central Hall can accommodate up to 100 people, so the room is perfect for organizing large holidays: wedding banquets, corporate buffets, business receptions and presentations.



A menu will satisfy any taste


The menu is based on Belarusian and European cuisine supplemented with delicious wild fowl dishes. The restaurant chef cooks the meat of elk, bison, deer and wild boar according to old recipes, offering to combine it with such old drinks as sweet mead and spicy sbiten.


Possibility to rent a table, half of the hall or the whole room


The Central Hall consists of two parts separated by elegant arches: the Main Hall and the Winter Garden. You may reserve a table, a half of the Central Hall or the whole room depending on the scale of the upcoming event.


Live music


In the evenings, you can listen to good professionally performed instrumental music.


Central Hall and its components


Central Hall


It can be called a “warm” half, because it is decorated mainly with wood. One can immediately notice wooden columns decorated with carved images of vine and balcony places. In the middle of the room, there is a large fireplace decorated with marble tiles.


Winter Garden


The room “wafts” coolness due to being decorated with stone tiles and masonry, and in the center of the room there is a fountain. Therefore, if you want to spend time with the murmur of water and pleasant musical accompaniment, come to “The Devana’s Castle”.


Any questions?


To reserve a table or hall in a restaurant, call +375 (29) 350-05-50. or send an e-mail maentak_grodno@mail.ru.