The Devana’s Castle

Restaurant “The Devana’s Castle”

You can’t impress anyone with restaurants in Art Nouveau, Art Deco or Loft styles nowadays. But Vintage Estate of Noblemen decorated with canons of medieval prints is another pair of shoes. In that kind of place even a small cup of coffee looks like Ambrosia, not saying about dishes with delicious Game grew up within The Estate. 

Four reasons to visit “The Devana’s Castle”


Architecture and interiors of The Estate


Halls accommodatind from 14 to 100 people


Belarusian and European menu



Do you know that lots of noblemen flattered Goddess Devana? After all She, a daughter of Perun, patronized hunting which was the favouritest entertainment of the nobility. Therefore in The restaurant “The Devana’s Castle” you can find not only Trophies but also a print of The Goddess. All halls are styled as vintage chambers of The Estate: heavy curtains, a great wall upholstery, different wooden furniture and decoration details, luxurious fireplaces and etc.

After eventful walking around the Park area you can always take a sit in one of 4 halls of the restaurant to have a rest and grab a bite. If you are planning a Huge Event, a business buffet or a wedding banquet, so we offer you a hall rental for 14, 16, 25 or 100 people. 

The menu includes the standard dishes for every restaurant of Belarusian and European cuisine as well as dishes of noblemen’s cuisine. This is a Game cooked by following old recipes (wild boar, moose, deer or European bison). And all this is served with teasty Medovukha, Sbiten or hot Mulled wine.

Additionally the restaurant offers its customers such convenient serviсe as Catering. You can book a cook, waiters and ready-to-eat meals for your Holiday outdoors. It can be a buffet within The Estate “Korobchitsy” or beyond. 

Four halls of “The Devana’s Castle”

Central Hall for 100 people


The Central Hall contains two parts: The Main Hall and The Winter Garden.

The First Hall is “wooden” and there is a flaming fireplace inside. The Second Hall is decorated with stones and looks like a facility of Castle where the luxurious fountain is located. Both Halls are good for arranging huge buffets, banquets and Swedish buffet.


St Sofia hall for 25 people


The Sofia Hall seemed to come off the frame of the film.


eavy candelabra, heavy curtains, wooden furniture, tiled stove – everything reminds of the time when the gentry knew the point of luxury and liked to arrange dinner parties.


Hunting room for 16 people


An exquisite hall, reminiscent of glorious times, when the forests were full of game and brave hunters.


The premises are decorated with military trophies and scenes from the life of the Belarusian noblemen.


Hall “Rodny Kut” for 14 people


If you want something more simple and close, the hall “Rodny Kut”, stylized as a village light house, will be the best choice for you.


This is a bright and cozy room, where you can spend time with friends and family.


The Treasure Hall



The modern hall with the latest multimedia equipment is good for business negotiations, business conferences, communication with the press.



The room is designed for 70 people, for each there is a separate place and the opportunity to feel comfortable.



The Tea Room









Any questions?


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