The St. Sophia Hall

The St. Sophia Hall

No matter how well decorated in the art nouveau style the restaurant hall is, it can never create a sense of solemnity and holiday reigning in the old classical interiors. If you want to pamper yourself and surprise the guests with an atmosphere of true luxury and antiquity, order a table or a whole room in the “The Devana’s Castle” restaurant.

What can be organized in the St. Sophia Hall for 25 people


Family celebration


Business dinner


Cozy wedding banquet

A cozy hall with a fireplace is perfect for any family celebration: birthday, christening, anniversary. Since the hall is separated from the rest of the restaurant, no one will interfere with your feast, and you will not disturb anyone. It is very useful if there are active and loud-voiced little children among the guests.

Beautiful rich interiors will help to add weight to the hosted buffet/cocktail/banquet. Colleagues and business partners will appreciate your efforts being able to spend an evening in the apartments of real Belarusian gentry and even tasting something our ancestors once enjoyed. The restaurant serves the game cooked according to ancient recipes.

If you do not plan to hold a large-scale event, but want all the participants to remember it, The St. Sophia Hall will be very useful. The furnishings here set a solemn mood, and the fireplace adds a touch of comfort and tranquility.

St. Sophia Hall – the choice of lovers of luxury

St. Sophia Hall


This is a richly decorated chamber for 25 people. Heavy candelabra, heavy curtains, wooden furniture, tiled stove – everything reminds of the time when the gentry knew the point of luxury and liked to arrange dinner parties.


Despite the environment splendor and expensive finishing materials, you will feel here like being at home. It is due to a special atmosphere in the Korobchitsy estate created by talented architects and decorators according to the image of the old noblemen’s estate.



If there are too many/few guests  for the St. Sofia Hall


“The Devana’s Castle” restaurant is located in a large spacious house having 3 more halls except Sofia one:


This is a spacious and stylishly decorated room with an impressive fireplace. It is suitable for banquets, receptions and buffets.


This is an exquisitely decorated room equally suitable for family, friendly and business meetings.


This is a hall stylized as a village front room to make a family holiday comfortable and fun.


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