The Forge

The Forge

A mysterious house in the park zone of the Korobchitsy estate keeps the secrets of the ancient craft. Both for a child and an adult, it will be interesting to enter the smithy, where fire burns and hot iron glistens. Blacksmithing has always been associated with mystery, communication with otherworldly forces and inexplicable miracles. How can it be otherwise? After all, not everyone can turn a piece of metal into a fine pattern or a sonorous blade. And the blacksmiths do it. The truth and fiction balance is explained to the Estate visitors by Alexander Vishnyak, a master of blacksmithing.

Three reasons to visit the workshop of the blacksmith


You will touch the real living art


You will meet an amazing master of blacksmithing


You can buy exclusive forged products

Nowadays, almost everything is created with the help of modern technology and machine tools, which almost do not need humans for working. Blacksmithing represented in the workshop of our estate is based on ancient traditions of this industry. Each thing made in the smithy is unique in its kind. Perhaps, you will even have an opportunity to make a couple of hits with a hammer on the anvil and take part in the creation of another object.

Alexander Vishnyak is a real blacksmith, his works are known not only in our country, but also abroad. Alexander has created forgery for decorating the All Saints Church in Grodno, made forged decor for the Royal Hunt restaurant and the Korobchitsy estate.

There are a lot of beautiful forgery masterpieces on the estate territory inspiring our visitors to decorate their houses or courtyards this way. The visitors of the agro-tourism complex can combine business with pleasure: relax and order a gate forged in the smithy, a fireplace grate or any other thing like that.

Having learned a lot of interesting facts about blacksmithing, continue your eventful rest.


For example, rent one of the arbors located near the forge and organize a picnic. “The Devana’s Castle” restaurant and the “Allur” cafe are at the guests’ disposal if they want to leave the cooking troubles aside.


Visiting the equestrian club, nature museum and pheasant yard located on the estate territory will help you to fill your personal treasury of impressions in full.


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