"Rodny Kut"

The Hall “Rodny Kut”

Feeling comfortable and homely is possible not in every modern restaurant. Therefore, a compact room for 14 people called “Rodny Kut” was arranged in “The Devana’s Castle”. Simple interiors, natural materials, comfortable furnishing – everything here looks very like grandmother’s village house. After a hard work day or a busy day off at the Korobchitsy estate, it will be nice to spend a few quiet hours here.

What is the “Rodny Kut” hall for 14 people suitable for


For a pleasant dinner in the company of friends and relatives


For the family celebrations in the circle of the closest people

If you want to spend time in the homely atmosphere, but do not want to wash dishes and bring order back to the house after the guests’ visit, the Rodny Kut hall can solve the task. The hall reminds a village front room improved due to beautifully carved furniture and exquisite table setting.

If the agenda includes not just a day off, but a whole birthday, christening or anniversary, the hall allows supporting the necessary solemn atmosphere. You can always surprise your guests with unusual dishes in the menu, for example, ones made of game.

Why is it worth to choose the “Rodny Kut” Hall

“Rodny Kut”


This is an isolated premise for 14 people stylized as the village front room. Local interiors and furniture are made of wood, there are shelves with pottery and home canned goods on the walls, the table is decorated with linen textiles. Still, you will not have to sit on benches without backs, which were customary for a village house.


Comfort and tradition are harmoniously combined in the design of the Rodny Kut hall. This is the merit of talented architects and designers having designed “The Devana’s Castle” restaurant.


If not “Rodny Kut”, then what?


If the number of your guests is more than 14, you can choose any other room in the restaurant and order:


It is divided into two parts (Main Hall, Winter Garden), each of which can be reserved separately. Here, you can also book a table of your choice.



This is an exquisitely decorated room equally suitable for family, friendly and business meetings.


This is perfect room for negotiating and celebrating important events.




Any questions?


To reserve a table or hall in a restaurant, call +375 (29) 350-05-50. or send an e-mail maentak_grodno@mail.ru.