Reserved area

Reserved area

Reserved forest is a real find today when the forests are cut down and urbanized. Therefore, an area of age-old nature in the Korobchitsy estate is especially valuable. People come here to see really old and at the same time well-conditioned forest with freely walking wild animals.

Three reasons to visit the reserved area:


To see the live of roe deer, deer and yaks in the wild


To adore a beauty of the old reserved forest


To take a ride on vintage stagecoach around the estate

A large number of animals live on the territory of the Korobchitsy estate. Some of them live in a mini-zoo, and some are freely grazing inside the protected area. Seeing the behavior of the wild and graceful animals in their natural environment is a rare opportunity in our urban time. We are sure that it will be interesting for both children and adults.

Reserved forests are a masterpiece of art themselves. The huge old trees grow together with a variety of shrubs and amazing plants. They are full of special silence broken only by the birds’ singing and animals’ movement. Therefore, if you want to show your children what the real fairy-tale forest looks like, come to the Grodno City Estate “Korobchitsy”.

You can get to the forest depth only by stagecoach. This is an old though fast carriage used to transport mail and passengers. Today, it can be seen only near the registry office. However, in the Korobchitsy estate, you can ride on vintage stagecoach in the shade of century-old oaks.

Who is living in the reserved forest


Harmless and graceful animals live on the territory of the protected forests: sika and red deer, fallow deer and yaks, goats and roe deer.


If you have already seen these animals in the mini zoo, it will still be interesting for you to visit the protected corners of the forest, because the beauty and habits of these creatures are completely revealed only in the natural environment.


What to do after a walk around the forest


The Korobchitsy estate offers a truly huge choice of entertainments to its guests:



• The mini zoo will help you to make the children acquainted to interesting animals, such as kangaroos and otters. Besides, some animals are allowed to pet.
• The Pheasant yard demonstrates that the pheasants are exceptionally numerous in the nature.
• The equestrian club will let you get the first lessons of riding.
• The nobility-like restaurant “The Devana’s Castle” and “Allur” cafe provide an opportunity of not only delicious eating, but also tasting unusual wildfowl dishes;
• Playgrounds will help you to find attractions for children: swings, carousels, animation programs.
• The complex of Grodno Fortress – Guerilla Camp will allow you to see the military camp and military positions in detail with your own eyes.



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