Park area


The park of Agrotourism Complex “Grodno City Estate “Korobchitsy”” is a piece of true reserved forest only 5 km away from Grodno City. People come here to take rest out of noisy city, take a ride with horse or in stagecoatch, show interesting and rare tree species to their children, get acquainted with the world of animals.

Three reasons to come to the Estate “Korobchitsy” 


The wide choice of entertainment


Convenient location


A nook of unspoilt nature

The Estate takes 54 ha of space within which there are Arboretum, zoo, Partisan camp, riding hall, lots of playgrounds and arbors, and also the restaurant and cafe. That’s why children and adults always have things to do.  

The raod between Grodno City and The Estate “Korobchitsy” takes about 30 minutes on suburban bus leaving  regularly from Grodno Central Bus Station. You can get here with your own car because The Estate contains a big parking space. 

In the very “core” of The Park there are the remains of old reserved forest where red deer, sika deer, fallow deer, sheep, goats and roe deer are walking around. And if you want to touch “the wild” then a vintage stagecoach can take you to the very distant nooks of The Park.

The Estate’s “Korobchitsy” entertainment

The Аrboretum


The local plant collection is really magnifical: 350 woody plants in all size and 50 herbs.


You can admire incredible plants at its best, learn something new about Flora of Belarus and take some pictures in special equipped photo shooting locations.


Mini-zoo, Pheasant yard, A nature reserve


Within The Estate over 67 animal species are living. A part of them are freely walking around the reserved area, and part of them are located in enclosures for animals of the zoo. 


It is allowed to pet some of the animals what is very welcome by children. If you haven’t met a real kangaroo, nutria or deer yet, please, welcome. 



Equestrian sports complex


The Estate is particularly proud of its Stable which about 30 horses of Hanoverian, Holsteiner, Orlov and Soviet Heavy breeds live in.


On the basis of the Stable The Equestrian sports complex is open where everyone can learn the art of riding horseback and also The Stagecoach Yard where there is a real vintage Landau, Stagecoaches, Phaetons and road carts.


Guerilla Camp


Within the Park Guerilla Camp is set up where you can see Dugout, Health facility, Armoury, Dining hall and ither facilities inside. 


Above the Camp Anti-aircraft position is located which helped warriors  in the days of I World War. The Estate “Korobchitsy” offers you, aside from walking around the Camp with excursion, playing the popular childrem game “Zarnitsa” right here.


Children’s playgrounds


For the most young visitors the attractions and carousels, playgrounds and even The Baba-Yaga’s Hut works.


Where to go after walking aroung the Park?


You can have a bite after eventful walking in “The Devana’s Castle” or in cafe “Allur”. Here we serve not only standard dishes of Belarusian and European cuisine but also Game cooked with all rules of National Culinary. 


In The Forge you will be able to see with your own eyes how forged bars and decorations appear from red-hot metal and The Cutter Workshop will show you how sculptures are born with a simple log.


Any questions?


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