Hunting Hall

Hunting Hall

When you want to leave bustling city and immerse yourself in the real atmosphere of ancient times, come to “The Devana’s Castle” restaurant. Here, you will find not only luxurious interiors surrounding the life of Belarusian gentry, but also a corresponding menu. The chef offers tasting the wildfowl cooked according to old recipes and noble drinks: medovukha, sbiten, mulled wine.

What is the purpose of the Hunting Hall for 16 people


To organize a business lunch


For a wedding banquet


To celebrate with family, friends

Company’s image consists of such trifles as promo-souvenirs, business cards and, of course, the room choice for meetings with partners. If you want to impress the business dinner participants, reserve the Hunting Hall. In the middle of the room, there is a massive wooden table of round shape perfectly suitable for negotiations.

If you want to make a wedding buffet a bit more solemn and non-standard, pay attention to the Hunting Hall. The bright spacious room with paintings on the walls and hunting trophies takes us back to the days when wedding feasts lasted for weeks, and the number of guests was counted in hundreds.

A dinner at the ancient fireplace will make the family celebration more vivid and memorable. Unlike most restaurants, there is an absolutely homely and comfortable atmosphere there.

Why should you choose The Hunting Hall

Hunting Hall


This is a small, but cozy and expensively furnished room. Everything here reminds of the time when hunting was the nobility’s favorite entertainment: wall decorations, paintings and numerous trophies. In the center of the hall there is a luxurious massive wooden table. The gentry assembled at such tables to discuss matters of national importance, wars, hunting, and simply the state of their manors.


The hall has another advantage of being separated from the rest of “The Devana’s Castle” premises by thick walls. This means that no one will interrupt your planned evening.


If there are more / less than 16 guests 


If your group is too small or too big for the Hunting Hall, we suggest to pick up another room, because the “The Devana’s Castle” includes 3 more rooms:


It is divided into two parts (Main Hall, Winter Garden), each of which can be reserved separately. Here, you can also book a table of your choice.



This is an exquisitely decorated room equally suitable for family, friendly and business meetings.


A small room, decorated with a tree and stylized as a “Bright chamber”.



Any questions?


To reserve a table or hall in a restaurant, call +375 (29) 350-05-50. or send an e-mail