Guerilla Camp

Grodno Fortress – Guerilla Camp

It is better to see the real guerilla camp once than hear a hundred times about it. That is why the historical and cultural complex of Grodno Fortress – Guerilla Camp has appeared in the Korobchitsy estate. Its aim is to show the life of guerilla camp and battles at the anti-aircraft position and forts of the Grodno Fortress to children and adults.

Three reasons to visit The Guerilla Camp 


Historically correct revival


Different formats of familiarization


Convenient location

All elements of the complex – the camp, forts and anti-aircraft position – were created according to veterans’ memories and with the help of professional museum workers. Therefore, you can be sure about receiving a complete and reliable idea of how people lived and fought here during the World War I and World War II.

You will be able to immerse yourself in the wartime atmosphere through three formats: excursions, popular Zarnitsa game and laser combat.

It will not take long to reach the guerilla camp. The trip takes only 30 minutes by shuttle bus departing from the city bus station. You can come here by your own car since there is an extensive parking lot in front of the Korobchitsy estate.

Programs based on The Guerilla Camp

Excursion program


The complex of Grodno Fortress – Guerilla Camp is located in the park area depth, where active military actions took place during the World War I and World War II.



You will see a real detachment commander’s dugout, a printing house, a health facility, a gunsmith’s shop, a forester’s cottage, a guerilla school and a dining hall. Our ancestors lived, fought and hoped for victory here more than half a century ago. Above the camp, you will be able to see the antiaircraft position of the World War I time, where the soldiers fought back attacks of enemy aircrafts, and visit the military forts of the Grodno Fortress having moved a couple of kilometers away from the camp.


The Zarnitsa game


Children remember information better if it is in the game form, so we suggest the students of grades 1-9 to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of wartime through the Zarnitsa game.


The game takes about an hour, during which the schoolchildren have time to practice shooting at targets, provide the first aid and even capture the Reichstag!


Laserstag from Stalker Action Club


Both children and adults like laser tag. You will receive laser weapons (rifles, machine guns) and ammunition equipped with sensors responding to hits with sound or vibration.



The number of lives is negotiated at the very beginning of the tour. To arrange a tournament, call tel. +375 (33) 664-99-77.


Where to go after visiting the complex


After the active game, you will definitely want to have a snack, so we invite you to visit “The Devana’s Castle” restaurant, the “Allur” cafe or one of the arbors arranged in the park.


You can choose dishes of Belarusian or European cuisine, treat yourself with deliciously cooked game. If the children want to play more and need to continue, take them to the Estate’s park to get acquainted with kangaroos and otters, or to the forge to look at the virtuoso metalwork, or to the cutter workshop.


Any questions?


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