Equestrian Club Amadeus

Club “Amadeus”

A visit to the Amadeus equestrian club is a journey to the time when riding a horse was an art, a way of moving and an important component of military power. Stables, pastures, fields for horse racing and dressage occupy a significant part of the Korobchitsy estate territory.

You will like to spend time in the “Amadeus” club if:

You always dreamed of learning to ride.


The equestrian club trainers are ready to make you acquainted with the basics of this art. Their track record includes more than 10 years of equestrian sport experience, participation and victories in regional, national and international competitions.



The training is held on a covered arena and specially prepared enclosed field. Even if the trainee has never sat in the saddle, he or she will surely dare to gallop after a couple of trainings.
Horse riding has a beneficial effect on muscles and joints, blood supply, coordination of movements. Experienced riders have a beautiful graceful posture and slim body.
The trainers will teach you the rules of communication with the horse, basics of riding, riding with obstacle overcoming. Also, the Korobchitsy estate visitors can have a horseback trip in the forest, go for developing and rehabilitation riding.




You want to learn as much as possible about horses.


If previously distinguishing between a Hanoverian horse and an Orlov Trotter was problematic for you, it will be easy to do after visiting Amadeus.


In the stables of the club there are more than 20 horses of different breeds. In addition to the above-mentioned horses, one can also see representatives of the Great Poland, Frisian, Percheron breeds, as well as Soviet Heavy Draft and Scottish ponies.


You like to study history clearly.


The estate is especially proud of its stable with about 30 Hanoverian, Holsteiner, Orlov Trotter and Soviet Heavy Draft horses.


A spectacular holiday is annually held in the Amadeus club, which is the Horse Day. The guests who are lucky enough to attend it watch the riding competitions and the best horses of the equestrian club. But even if you come here any other day, you will also get a lot of positive emotions.


Supplement your pleasant mood with bright strokes of further excursion across the estate.


Taste nationally colored dishes served in the “Allur” cafe and “The Devana’s Castle” restaurant, sit in unusual cozy arbour, visit the forge and сutter workshop, play with the children on the playgrounds!


Learn more about the equestrian club “Amadeus”, call +375 (29) 168-04-91.
“Amadeus” is open from Wednesday to Sunday (9.00-18.30)