Dendropark Lukomorye

“Lukomorye” Arboretum

The fabulous curved seashore (Lukomorye) is full of secrets and mysteries, while the dendrological one is full of equally amazing plants, bushes, and trees. You do not need to go far to admire this abundance, because the “Lukomorye” Arboretum is located only 5 km from Grodno city. If you want to see what the vegetation landscape was like in Belarus before large cities appeared, come to the “Korobchitsy” estate.

You can come to the arboretum to:


To get acquainted with the abundance of the Belarusian flora


To make beautiful photosets From May to October


To get away from city noise

The arboretum claims to be the natural pearl of the region for a reason. More than 400 species of plants grow on its territory, some of which are extremely rare in Belarus. If you, your children or friends want to get acquainted with rich Belarusian flora, do not hesitate and come to the arboretum of “Korobchitsy” agrotouristic facility.

The arboretum territory is organized in such a way that you can find blooming trees, bushes or plants here at any time of the year – from May to October. That would be very handy, if you want to organize a beautiful nature photoset.

If you are tired of city landscapes and want a bit of silence, you will be pleased to walk along amazing “Lukomorye” Arboretum. Tidy paths will lead you along the perimeter of the park, allowing to see all the nature beauty, supported by skillful and caring keepers. Comfortable benches are hidden between the trees, so you can always have a rest after a long walk.

“Lukomorye” Arboretum and its mysteries


In the arboretum you will find an impressive collection of the best representatives of the Belarusian flora: 350 tree and shrubbery and 50 herbaceous plant species. There are species that are found extremely rarely on the territory of the country, therefore it is almost impossible to see them accidentally.


The whole park is divided into zones, each of which blooms at a certain period of time. Thus, you can always find a blossoming corner from early spring until late autumn. Do you want to know period of blossoming of certain kinds of plants? Come to us!



How to diversify your walk around the arboretum


You must admit that you can walk in the park for a long time, but not infinitely. After walks among the flowers and trees we offer:


• to have a snack in the “The Devana’s Castle” restaurant or “Allur” cafe;
• to ride a Holsteiner, Hanoverian horses or Soviet Heavy Draft under the guidance of an experienced coach;
• to ride in an old phaeton, landau, diligence or even road cart;
• to watch the life of deer, allow deer, yak in a natural environment;
• to please children with acquainting with kangaroo, nutria or rabbit;
• to stay in one of the arbours in the park, enjoying natural coziness and surrounding beauty;
• to admire blacksmith and woodcarver’s crafts and a lot more.



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