Descriptions of arbours

Rest in the fresh air energizes, helps to tune yourself to pleasant communication and good nourishing dinner. The Korobchitsy estate takes care of such leisure lovers having it in a comfortable and secluded environment. The original estate arbours are located in its most picturesque places. Our arbours are not just a table, chairs and a roof over your head. Each object is a separate exciting story. The guests choose one to play the main roles and set a generous table.

The Arbour “At the carver”


The frame is made of logs, wide dome-shaped roof, massive furniture made of natural wood… It looks like a royal hunt coming in a couple of minutes for a halt. Several steps behind, there is a reserved forest with wild animals really worthy of such a large-scale event.



Also, there are cuter and blacksmith workshops near the arbour, so the picnic can be combined with an interesting excursion. The building can accommodate up to 50 people, and five hours of its rent will cost 50 rubles.


The Arbour “Pirs”


Here, you can admire the morning mist rising above the largest lake in the Korobchitsy estate and look at wild animals coming from the forest. At the spacious arbour able to accommodate up to 100 guests, there is a terrace facing the water.



Inside the arbour there is a stone fireplace. 5 hours rent will cost 100 rubles.


The Arbour “Blue Car”


Bright colors and animated film characters attract eyes to the arbour. Looking like a locomotive with wagons, the building will be especially attractive for families with children. Rest in such an amazing building will be an event for kids, and a walk to the nearby playground will add even more impressions.


Simultaneously, 20 people can stay in the “Blue Car”. 5 hours of rent cost 35 rubles.


The Arbour “Gypsy Tent”


The covered spacious wagon looks like just being left by owners who went for firewood. Inside the wagon, there is a table and benches. The arbor can accommodate up to 20 guests.


The wagon windows and doors are glazed, so you can relax in it not only in the summer. 5 hours of rest cost 35 rubles.


The Arbour “Youth”


Relaxing with friends in the countryside and singing songs with a guitar is funny even if you are no longer a student. In this arbor, nostalgia for the past years turns into an excellent time spent.


A spacious summer cottage with a capacity of up to 20 people is located next to the lake. The cost of 5-hour rent does not exceed 35 rubles.


The Arbour “Parent house”


Features of the ancient Belarusian architecture can be seen in this object. Having rest here, you will feel the atmosphere of national traditions.


The arbour can accommodate up to 20 guests. The five-hour rent will cost 35 rubles.


The Korobchitsy estate arbours are perfect places to celebrate a family or corporate holiday, have a good rest at the weekend.


To gain positive emotions before the arbour dinner or after it, visit the historical and cultural complex, equestrian club and other attractions of the Korobchitsy.



There are some general rules of behaviour in the complex. It is strictly forbidden to set a fire!


Do you want to reserve an arbor? Call +375 (152) 93-94- 00, +375 (29) 357-10- 81. Rent an arbor is possible in the interval from 10.00 to 15.00 or from 16.00 to 22.00.