Allur Cafe

Allur Cafe

The design of the spacious hall in the “Allur” cafe located on the territory of the Korobchitsy estate resembles a bar at the postal path from an American cowboy movie and a traditional Belarusian tavern at the same time. The Wild West Corner on the hospitable Grodno land invites you to taste nourishing dishes and great drinks. Columns made of natural wood, high ceilings, stone floor, stylish carved furniture, bar counter decorated with cart wheels – all of these inspire you to have fun in a friendly company and relax after an impression-full walk over the estate.

Why is worthy to drop into Allur Cafe

Here you will try dishes that have become a symbol of a good holiday.

Even on the way to the cafe you will feel how the nose tickles because of the smell of shashlik.

Fans of the national cuisine will be delighted with golden and crispy “Belarusian cracklings” and grilled sausages. And if you prefer a light snack or dishes without meat, we will also find something to treat you!

Local drinks will cause a real delight

In winter, we recommend warming mulled wine decorated with the taste of spices to the visitors.

Cold medovukha made on the basis of honey, yeast and berries will help you to cope with thirst in summer. Real connoisseurs of exclusive drinks can enjoy the taste of the Kremnevka tincture, made only in the Korobchitsy estate according to a special recipe.


A well-thought-out holiday will bring a lot of pleasure.

In the warm season, the cafe visitors sit not only in the hall, but also in the arbours not far from it.

They are designed for 20-40 people.

A worthy addition to the impressions of delicious food in the “Allur” cafe will be a visit to the historical and cultural complex or the equestrian club.

To get acquainted with traditional Belarusian crafts, go to the forge or cutter workshop.

And if you come to Korobchitsy with children, they will certainly be interested in looking at nutria, lambs, goats and deer living with us. Also, they can play on a big ground with fortress slides, numerous fairy-tale heroes and a dragon gazebo. This list of entertainment is not complete.

Administrator of cafe “Allure”

+375 (29) 168-05-41 

In the spring and summer the cafe is open from 10 to 20 (Tuesday-Sunday). In the winter and autumn the cafe is open from 10 to 18 (Tuesday-Sunday).